What To Expect

Sheflexology reflexology treatment

Your first visit will last for around 75 minutes and consist of a free consultation - where we can talk about your health, diet and lifestyle - along with your treatment. Please note that all information shared is completely confidential.

After removing only your shoes and socks, your feet will be cleansed either with antibacterial wipes or bathed in warm water. We will then commence with the treatment.

My treatment room - pictured on this web page - is a warm and tranquil space where you will be able to fully relax and unwind.

Most people feel relaxed yet energised once treatment is complete. Occasionally people will experience tingling sensations or feel lethargic or emotional, but rest assured these are all normal reactions.

Rest is recommended following the treatment to allow time for the body to heal. Plenty of water, herbal teas or juices should be consumed after to help hydrate the body, flush out toxins and reduce headaches.